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Steps to Post A Business

1.In the seller center, click Post A Business

2.The deposit rule requires owner to set the amount of deposit and holding period. If there is no damage or other compensation required issue happens, the system will automatically refund the deposit.

3.This is product available period . The product will not be searched out before or after the period.

4.If you open the promotion button, the product will be displayed on the homepage of website.

5.If you have more than one product, click submit button, your products will be  linked.

6.We suggest you use video +photographic files to post your product. You can first upload the video  to youtube or other video websites. This will make your product known by more people. Get and copy the general code

7.Click the button and paste the general code to the product inf page, Click the button again you can take another action. For instance, you can click button to upload many photographic file together.

8.The required size of product picture should be 800px *800px. You can use to adjust the size of pictures.

9.Adjust the size of pictures.

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